onsdag 30 januari 2013

of mice and humans

This weekend in California Extravaganza played out, the great American Lutheran youth worker conference that has been mentioned earlier on this blog. Yes, the one I drew the mice for. I hung out in front of Twitter (hash tag #ext13) and during Saturday the mice and cheese jokes were all over it. I laughed out loud many times and so wished I could be there.
On Sunday, the last day of the event, tweets started to pour in on my page. Aimed at me, full of joy and gratitude, and a few mousy and cheesy puns. Total strangers had seen my mice, laughed at them, and now wanted to tell me how much they appreciated them. So wonderful.

And then I saw the little video (and photo) where Dawn, the speaker, tap danced as pastor Patty (the mouse pastor) and I almost wanted to cry with joy.

I often pray "Fyll mig med ditt goda, så att jag får bli till välsignelse" (Fill me with your goodness, so that I will be a blessing). Sometimes gifts, and the joy they bring, are more obvious than at other times. Thank you God, thank you Dawn, thank you Scott (who put us in touch with each other).
God is good. Even better than Västerbotten cheese.

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